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Diamond Knowledge

The 4Cs

Every diamond is unique and has certain distinguishing characteristics. The 4Cs – Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat Weight are the globally accepted standards for assessing the quality of a diamond and its sparkle.

When a diamond is certified, a record of a diamond’s grades in the 4Cs is produced, allowing prospective buyers to make an informed decision. Together, these criteria also determine the value, and often, the price of the diamond.

Diamond 4Cs Cut

Cut determines how a diamond’s facets interact with light.

Diamond 4Cs Clarity

Clarity is a measure of the purity and rarity of a diamond.

4Cs Diamond Color

Colour refers to the natural tint inherent in diamonds. 

4Cs Diamond Carat

Carat denotes the weight of a diamond, rather than it’s size.

Diamond 4Cs Singapore
Excellent Cut

An excellent cut diamond is a diamond that is cut to excellent proportions and angles that reflect back the maximum possible amount of light which enters it. It is among the rarest cuts, and is the benchmark for grading all other diamonds.

Diamond Fluorescence

Fluorescence refers to a diamond’s tendency to emit a soft colored glow when subjected to ultraviolet light. Strong fluorescence is one of the factors that may impact the price of a diamond.


Our diamonds at Love & Co. are certified by the De Beer Group’s Institute of Diamonds, bringing in professional experience and heritage of more than 120 years of experience in the industry.

Engagement Rings

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Engagement Rings

Explore Love & Co.’s curated range of diamond rings – brighter and more beautiful than others.

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