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Grown for Love, for Love

Love & Co. was started to provide a thoughtful, heartfelt space for couples to celebrate their joyful moments in love through exquisitely crafted Jewellery; from rings to necklaces, we got what you deserve.

Love – courtship, the flutters, marriage, and creating memories as a duo is truly one of the most beautiful journeys a human being can experience. We believe in jewellery as an expression of joy, and a collection of heartfelt memories shared together as a couple.

We are redefining jewellery craftsmanship with a collaborative approach – meaningful and quality jewellery at every price point. We like you to have a stake in the design, be it entirely from ground zero or a touch of personalisation. Finally, to also create transparency, and let diamonds shine truly for what they are.

Our Mission

Responsible Sourcing

Exceptional Craftmanship

Sustainable Practices

“Apart from demanding far less energy and water, many can be said about lab-created diamonds, making them a better solution for the environment.” – Frost & Sullivan

To Live Our Mission, We're Committed To.


We support the changing mindset in this increasingly conscious world. Our collection of lab grown diamonds from LVC Precieux defines our choice to embrace this movement towards modern technology and sustainable means.

DESIGNS that set us apart

Every design represented by Love & Co. is thoughtfully crafted, all down to the details. From the unique heart-shaped prongs, and dual-toned band designs to hidden accents under the center stone. It is not just the designs that set us apart, our unrivalled craftmanship also ensures that this is the ring that both bride and groom would cherish for a lifetime. 


Each Love & Co. diamond fulfils our 50 stringent selection criteria. From the specific proportions of the diamond to fluorescence, each diamond is carefully selected, designed, and cut to add a stunning shine to classic and modern bridal jewellery set and proposal ring styles.


Embracing Jewellery for yourself. At Love & Co., every piece, be it rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or bangles, is impeccably crafted to illustrate a symbolic milestone for one’s love journey. From our Signature bridal jewellery designs to our bespoke options, our jewellery are created with you in mind. Explore our exclusive collections, with each iconic design created with a special thought and inspiration.

Made for You By You

Bridal Jewellery - Bespoke Rings

Our number one goal is to create a beautiful, elegant proposal ring that is truly befitting and delightful for you and your partner. Our designers obsess over quality, comfort, and durability on every part of the piece – and bring it to you as options to choose from.

Whether you like to have mined diamonds or sustainably created lab grown diamonds, the choice is yours. What we do is to curate them with outstanding exactitude to ensure only the best designs and prices fall into your hands. 

The Classic Diamond Ring in 18K rose gold with Double Pavé Band

The Elliptic Diamond Ring in 18K white gold with Classic Band

The Poire Halo Diamond Ring in 18K yellow gold with Classic Pavé Band

The Verdant Diamond Ring in 18K rose gold with Tapered Band


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