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Our Diamonds

Committed to excellence, each Love & Co. diamond is perfectly cut and handpicked for its exceptional qualities.


Our Diamonds

Committed to excellence, each Love & Co. diamond is perfectly cut and handpicked for its exceptional qualities.


50 Promises of Quality

To provide the 5th C – Confidence, every Love & Co. diamond fulfills 50 stringent selection criteria. From the specific proportions of the diamond to fluorescence, each diamond is carefully selected, designed, and cut to add a stunning shine to classic and modern proposal ring styles.

Ultimate Light Performance

When it comes to measuring the beauty of a diamond, light performance adds a whole new dimension to the equation. On top of the traditional 4Cs metrics, our perfect cut diamonds are evaluated objectively on four parameters – Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire, and Light Symmetry. Every Love & Co. diamond attains the highest grade – Ultimate, proving its exceptional beauty and suitability for the discerning, modern woman.

Singapore Classic Engagement Rings
Diamond Rings Price Singapore

Rose Hallmark

Each Lovemarque diamond bears the inscription of the Love & Co.’s proprietary Rose Hallmark. A testament of your eternal love, the Rose Hallmark is also proof of our quality assurance.

Completely invisible to the naked eye, the Rose Hallmark is made possible with highly advanced proprietary technology.

Partnership with De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds

Confidence and authenticity is key when selecting that 1-carat solitaire diamond for your diamond engagement ring. The first Asian strategic partnership with De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds, our signature Lovemarque diamonds are independently assessed using the latest technologies and advanced instruments.
Singapore Diamond Wedding Jewellery

Your Choice

Today, technology gives us the option of creating these marvellous creations of nature above the ground. For your proposal solitaire ring, we give you the choice – affordably priced lab created diamonds or the natural lustre of earth mined diamonds. From classic designs to gorgeous bridal jewellery, your diamond dream awaits you here online or in our jewellery stores.

Singapore Engagement Ring

The 4Cs

Every diamond, like a human fingerprint, has its own unique DNA. The 4Cs – colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight represent a set of globally accepted standards to evaluate the quality and price of a diamond. Whether you’re on the lookout for affordable bridal jewellery or the perfect engagement ring, find the right diamonds for the woman of your life here at Love & Co.

Singapore Love Ring With Diamond


Cut determines how a diamond’s
facets interact with light.

Singapore Perfect Engagement Ring


Clarity is a measure of the purity and
rarity of a diamond.

Singapore Solitaire Diamond Ring


Colour refers to the natural tint inherent
in diamonds.

Singapore Proposal Rings Designs


Carat denotes the weight of
a diamond.

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