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How to Measure Ring Size in Malaysia (with Size Chart)

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What can be harder than choosing the ideal diamond ring design to propose to the love of your life? Perhaps, selecting a matching jewellery set, like a couple ring from Malaysia, to complement the engagement ring! If you say ‘getting the right ring size’, you’re not alone!

Measuring ring size itself isn’t rocket science. The challenge is only compounded when you attempt to do it without your girlfriend seeing through your proposal plans. On top of that, various ring size charts used in different countries and stores can also add to the confusion.

So, to help you in your once-in-a-lifetime mission of obtaining your significant other’s diamond engagement ring size, we have just the Malaysian ring size guide for you!


You’re in luck if your significant other is a fashion-conscious person with a ready collection of accessories. Rather than going straight for the finger measurements, you can simply pick out one of their rings and make your measurement from there.

Choose a ring that they wear often and which you know fits them well in terms of sizing. In the case you are trying to prepare for the proposal without their knowledge, try to avoid taking their favourite ring, or you’ll risk them busting your plans when they can’t find it!

If you don’t have a lot of time to measure the ring itself, you can simply outline the inner circumference of the ring on a piece of paper first, and measure it later. Alternatively, you can place the ring on a size guide, which will show you the corresponding diameter in millimetres (mm) and the size number of the ring.

ring size chart conversion, from cm or mm to hong kong size, US size, UK size, Japan size & switzerland size
International Ring Size Chart (Please refer to Hong Kong Size for Malaysia)


Once you start ring shopping, you will realise that ring sizes at different retailers differ quite vastly. It won’t be surprising to see a range of 6 to 28 on a ring size chart in Malaysia, only to have some international online retailers list their sizes as numbers from 44 to 69! In the UK, they use alphabets instead of numbers – it is all quite mind-boggling, we know.

But before you get confused with all that, the most important part of a ring measurement is to get the circumference right in millimeters (mm). Once you have that nailed down, the rest is up to an international ring size guide, which you can find easily online.



If you still feel uneasy about getting the right ring size, here are some additional tips for you to make sure you’re getting it right!

When measuring the finger directly, you’ll want to do it towards evening time, as this is when the finger is the largest. Make sure you are measuring the correct finger on the correct hand, because there can be slight variations in size between one’s dominant and non-dominant hand! As usual, if you find that the ring circumference is in between sizes, always go for the slightly larger sizing.

You could also consider the ring style you plan to buy. Wedding rings for women are typically slimmer, but if going for a thicker ring, remember that wide bands usually may have a tighter fitting. Do take note of sizing differences for comfort fit and standard fit rings as well. If picking out one of your partner’s rings to measure, try to select one that’s of a similar width.

Finally, multiple measurements will give you more confidence! Take 3 to 4 measurements if you really want to be sure. To gauge if you are on the right track, you can consider the popular ring sizes as well. The average women’s ring sizes in Malaysia typically range between 11 to 16 (HK size), while men’s wedding ring size average around 21 to 25 (HK size).

As you can see, getting the right ring size isn’t such an uphill task, after all! All it takes are the right techniques and a little dose of stealth. With these tips, you’ll be able to get the perfect proposal ring in Malaysia to pop the question. If you need any more assistance with selecting your wedding ring and getting the right ring size, don’t hesitate to contact us for a virtual consultation today!

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