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LVC BRACELETS JOIE DECADES features four delicate discs with roman numerals in 18k rose gold
LVC BRACELETS JOIE DECADES measurements of the delicate disc with roman numerals in 18k rose gold

LVC Joie Decades Diamond Bracelet

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Joie (“joi-e”) is the French variant of the name Joy which symbolizes the feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Each piece from the Joie Collection is designed with roman numerals to represent a timeless love and eternity. The Joie Collection is perfect as an anniversary gift to mark milestones for lovers, friends or a mother.

The Joie Decades Diamond Bracelet is features four delicate disc with roman numerals to celebrate milestones in a relationship. An effortless look for styling, they add extra sparkle to your final look.


Availability: 1 in stock

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