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LVC Charmes Destiny Mini Ring Diamond Pendant in 14K White Gold & Rose Gold. Pair with 10K White Gold chain necklace

LVC Charmes Destiny Mini Ring Diamond Pendant

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A promise to eternity. A commitment. An acceptance of love. Our intricately designed LVC Mini Ring collection switches the classic tradition of wearing rings on fingers. As a token of love and devotion, wearing the LVC Mini Ring is akin to wearing a dazzling love close to your heart. The LVC Mini Ring collection is the perfect gift as an acceptance of love and promise from your partner.

The LVC Charmes Destiny Mini Ring Diamond Pendant is designed with inspiration taken from our LVC Destiny collection as it features a special infinity symbol at the sides surrounding the diamond. This subtle yet meaningful infinity sign represents eternal love and togetherness. Destined to be together, this pendant is the perfect gift for your partner.

Includes a complimentary 10K White Gold chain in 40 cm.


Availability: 2 in stock

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