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Real Talk: Addressing Common Doubts About Lab Grown Diamonds

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We live in a wonderful world where a wealth of information lies at our fingertips. But unfortunately, too much information can also be a bane! You’ll know what we’re talking about if you’ve been researching to buy an engagement ring or wedding ring for your significant other!

It’s not uncommon for clients to come to our jewellers at Love & Co. with a truckload of questions – some of which reveal underlying assumptions and concepts that are very misleading. Here at Love & Co., we believe it is everyone’s right to have access to accurate information so they can make a well-informed decision about their purchase of a lifetime.

A lot of these queries have been surrounding lab grown diamonds – a relatively new entrant to the diamond market in Singapore. Well, we say, it’s never too late to learn! Let’s dig into some of these common misconceptions and questions about lab grown diamonds below.


With names like ‘synthetic diamond’ and ‘man-made diamonds’ being thrown around, some people may think that lab grown diamonds are imitation diamonds that are inferior to the real thing.

But if your definition of real is a gemstone that is chemically, physically, and optically the same as natural mined diamonds, then lab grown diamonds are as real as it gets! Like mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are made of carbon. Their refractive index, dispersion, hardness, and density are identical to a mined diamond. In fact, lab grown diamonds are also graded by international diamond-certifying bodies using the same criteria as mined diamonds.

On the other hand, diamond simulants like moissanite and cubic zirconium may at first glance look similar to diamonds, but they are not made up of pure carbon. Needless to say, they do not match up to diamonds in terms of hardness and durability. So, don’t get confused by lab grown diamonds and diamond simulants! Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds, while diamond simulants are synthetic imitations that look similar to diamonds.



One common misconception is that with time, lab grown diamonds can become cloudy or discolour. A possible reason for this misinformation is that diamond simulants like cubic zirconias tend to oxidise and become cloudy over time. However, this is not the case with lab grown diamonds.

A 2010 article by Gems & Gemology also reported that some lab grown diamonds would change colour temporarily when exposed to UV light. However, it should be noted that this only occurred to a small exception of lab grown diamonds, under exceptional circumstances – plus, it is reversible.

Simply put, there is no evidence to prove that good quality lab grown diamonds, like any well-graded mined diamond, will change colour over time – under any circumstances. Love & Co.’s diamonds are Type IIa diamonds which are the most valued and the purest type of diamonds. Hence, our high-quality lab grown diamonds do not have impurities; colour changes are not a cause for worry. Rest assured that every diamond from Love & Co. – lab grown or not, will never get cloudy, fade in colour, or lose its brilliance. Indeed, our splendid diamonds will make a wonderful testament to your love and commitment towards one another.



You must be thinking: There must be a reason why lab grown diamonds are cheaper, right? Fortunately, inferior standards are not part of the reason!

Lab grown diamonds are indeed typically more affordable than mined diamonds of the same size and quality, often going at 40-50% the price. The reason for this lower price is the reduced labour costs involved in producing the diamond. The mining, production, and distribution system of mined diamonds means that there are so many changes of hands and higher price mark-ups. But with lab grown diamonds, these costs are drastically reduced, transferring the cost savings to consumers as well.

So, when you choose to buy a lab grown diamond, you can essentially get a diamond twice the size at the same price! It might sound too good to be true, but it is!

With these answers, we hope we’ve cleared some of your doubts about lab grown diamonds. Affordable, sustainable, and stunning – there is really not much more to ask for when looking for a diamond solitaire.

If you have any further queries about lab-grown diamonds, we welcome you to talk to our experts here at Love & Co.! Feel free to ask us or book your in-store appointment. At Love & Co., you’ll never run out of choices with our 2 wonderful diamond collections, the Lovemarque and LVC Precieux.

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