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A Style Guide To Wedding Jewellery And Gifts For Women

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Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day – who doesn’t? Settling on a stunning 1-carat diamond ring at the jewellery store isn’t the end of the story, however. For the women, bridal jewellery is also a prominent part of the wedding get-up that will make her dazzle even more on this exceptional day!

Whether you are the couple picking out the bride’s bridal jewellery, or looking to buy a meaningful gift set to complement the lady’s wedding outfit ensemble, here are some styling tips you can and should take into consideration:


It is easy to buy a wedding jewellery collection and just put it on – but where’s the fun in that? Layering jewellery items offer you the chance to inject some personality and uniqueness into the whole look. However, make sure to keep to simple elements to avoid resulting in an over-the-top, outrageous combination!

A quick tip is to use single pieces that feature various types of stones, materials, or colours. Alternatively, you can layer a few simple jewellery items with contrasting elements. Have one unifying element across the different pieces of jewellery to make the look coherent, whether it is the same material, colour, or shape.

One idea to start with is the two-toned LVC Noeud earrings, which feature white and rose gold in a ribbon knot design. You can pair this with other minimalistic ear studs or hoop earrings in white or rose gold. Of course, if you don’t have multiple ear holes, you can also layer almost any jewellery items, from diamond bracelets to eternity rings.


While layering is fun and trendy, one too many can make the entire look disjointed and overly loud. Instead, choose one area you want to draw attention to, and keep everything else simple. Having one statement piece will help you tie the whole look together, and bring out the best in your outfit.

Knowing how to practice the philosophy of ‘less is more’ fits in perfectly with the current trend for an effortless, chic look. If you need help deciding on your statement piece, think about one physical aspect you want to highlight about yourself. For example, earrings can help you frame and brighten your face, while necklaces can accentuate your collarbone and jawline.

Don’t be afraid to choose statement pieces that really bring out your personality! Say, if you prefer to keep it simple and elegant, you can go for the dainty pieces of the LVC Eterno, and then make your 1-carat diamond ring the star of the show. For something unique, a pendant from the LVC Joie collection is a lovely choice, with exquisite Roman numeral motifs exuding some old-school charm.



When choosing your bridal jewellery, here’s one tip for you: Don’t miss the forest for the trees! What we are saying is, don’t forget to consider the overall look of your wedding as well. As a general guide, ivory-toned gowns go well with gold jewellery, while classic white dresses pair well with platinum, white gold and pearls. The colours you ultimately choose should also consider the bride’s skin tone and what looks best on her.

Having a wedding design theme in mind is also a fantastic starting point. Take a look at the LVC Charmes collection if you are going for a nature-inspired wedding concept – the clover motifs are not just cute and tasteful, but also perfectly encapsulates well wishes of luck, hope, and faith, for the couple’s future.

With a well-curated wedding jewellery collection, every woman can have their princess moment as they walk down the aisle on their special day! You can find beautiful pieces in our online jewellery store, from diamond bracelets to stackable eternity rings. If you are on the lookout for bridal gift sets for her, you can also feel free to browse our collection here at Love & Co.

LVC Soleil

Translating to ‘sun’ in French, the LVC Soleil collection features a mix of golds that blend together seamlessly,

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