Design Engagement Ring in Malaysia

Design Unique Engagement Ring

Step 1: Choose Your Diamond

Start by choosing your ideal diamond. All our diamonds are certified by reputable gemological laboratories and they have to undergo an additional round of examination conducted by experienced diamond experts.

Custom Engagement Ring Choose Ring Head

Step 2: Choose Your Ring Head

Select a ring head that suits your style. Ring heads are the top portions of custom engagement rings that hold the diamond in place. We have an extensive ring head designs collection for you to choose from.

Design Engagement Ring Prongs Position

Step 3: Choose Your Prongs Position

The overall appearance of your diamond may change depending on the prongs position. Set your prongs position in a manner such that you and your partner will love how the diamond looks every time you stare at it.

Bespoke Engagement Ring Material Type For Ring Head

Step 4: Choose The Material Type For Your Ring Head

Rose gold ring, yellow gold or white gold. Make sure to get your preferred ring head metal type.

Design Engagement Ring Choose Ring Bands

Step 5: Choose Your Ring Band

Select your favourite ring band from our wide assortment of band designs before deciding whether to encrust it with side diamonds.

Design Engagement Ring Choose Materials For Ring Band

Step 6: Choose The Material Type For Your Ring Band

Platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold; Pick your desired metal colour and finishing for your engagement ring.

Choose Ring Bezel

Step 7: Choose Your Ring Bezel

Presenting our latest innovation, the ring bezel adds a touch of sophistication to the engagement ring and it comes in four beautiful designs.

LVC Diamond Concierge

Bespoke Ring Confidence


We perform over 50 promises of quality checks to ensure that every ring is made to perfection. You will be assured that every diamond ring is meticulously assessed and adheres to stringent standards.

Bespoke Ring Customisation


Over 30,000 permutations for your one true love. The LVC Bespoke service provide you with options to build your own ring at every step of the way. From ring head, material type to ring band selection, it is an experience like no other.

Custom Ring Choice


We offer you a choice of curated diamonds from Mother Nature and sustainable diamonds created by science and technology. Both beautiful and high quality, we present you the opportunity to choose.

Design Your Engagement Ring

Beginning from the choice of material to the intricacy of the design, our jewellery designer will translate your inspiration into a ring sketch. Modifications can be made based on your preferences until you are satisfied with the design.

Our Ring, Our Story

Be a step closer to your very own custom engagement ring by scheduling an appointment today.


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